Jhene Aiko has a lot to say on her new song “Triggered” – Listen.

A new track from Jhene AIko is here, and it seems to throw some major shade at her ex, Big Sean. The scathing lyrics are quite shocking, considering Jhene just left Sean a sweet comment on Instagram last month.

Jhene Aiko has a LOT to say on her new song “Triggered (Freestyle),” which she released on May 8. The track includes lyrics like “You muh f***in right I’m bitter,” “You need to stay out of my way, I’m triggered when I see your face” and “Knew from the beginning you’d ruin everything, you do it every time, you are no friend of mine.” Of course, fans are convinced the scathing words are about Big Sean, who Jhene was in a relationship with for about three years before confirming their breakup earlier in 2019.

The song is not ALL disses, though, and Jhene takes blame for some of the issues in the relationship she’s reminiscing on, too. Other lyrics include: “Tryna let the time kill all of our memories, all you meant to me” and “Maybe I’m overreacting baby, I don’t know what happened, you know all of my bad habits, you know it’s hard for me to control that s***, man cuz when I get mad I get big mad.” Once the 31-year-old released the song, fans could not stop raving about it on Twitter, and praised her for her lyrics and the way she got her message across.



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