Is Chris Brown about to have another child?

The 30-year-old singer had fans asking that question after he left a comment on his rumored girlfriend Ammika Harris‘ Instagram pic that seemed to indicate he was calling her a “baby mama”. In the pic, 25-year-old Ammika can be seen holding a basketball while smiling and posing in front of a basketball set-up in an arcade room. “Yup,” Chris’ first of two comments read. “BM BAD,” read the second. It didn’t take long for fans to dissect what “BM” could mean and it turns out that most people seem to use those letters to refer to the term “baby mama”, so is Ammika about to be Chris’ baby’s mama? Fans took to Instagram to express their enthusiasm about the possibility that the beauty could be pregnant.

“BM? 😳,” one fan asked. “So y’all having a baby 🤰 or not @chrisbrownofficial you ain’t getting no younger 🤣🤣🤣🤣,” another said. “So that’s your BM @chrisbrownofficial ??? Interesting 🤔” another comment read. Others took a different route when they responded by saying they think he’s either trolling the public or “BM” could stand for “baby making” or “best mate”.

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