Izzo Bizness’ ‘Dangerous Boy’ is #1 as Joh Makini Debuts | Soundcity Top Ten East | Rundown

Izzo Bizness is born Emmanuel Simwinga on 25th December in Shinyanga. He lived for a number of years in Mbeya. He has recently resettled in Dar es salaam. Izzo began his music carrier at the age of 15, recording his first single at the age of 18. Izzo is a certificate holder in marketing management from the College of Business Education.

Izzo was signed at MJ records in the year 2010 where he added a couple of hit songs to the list such songs are; ‘Bizness’ ft. Suma Lee, ‘Tenzi Za Mapenzi’ ft. Shapsin. Izzo Bizness’ art reflects his remarkable ability to observe life as he sees it, combining the elements of humor, satire and realism to share those observations with his audience. His music is popular throughout Tanzania and well beyond. This week, ‘Dangerous Boy’ is at #1 on the Soundcity Chart.

To find out more, watch the highlight of the #SoundcityTopTenEast show with VJ Adams where he counts down the biggest videos from Eastern Africa:

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