Is P-Square in another fight?

Days after Psquare Paul Okoye took to Instagram to blast an unidentified person, he has revealed that his one time planned Psquare United States/Canada tour with twin brother Peter Okoye is never going to happen again.

This conversation just happened between Paul & a fan on Instagram:
Fan asked:

I was highly waiting for the Psquare tour of America/Canada this summer which they promised us in August/September, but till now no update about that…
Please I ask is it still going to happen @rudeboypsquare @peterpsquare @judeengees

And Paul replied;
Sorry bro, is not happening.

Psquare Peter & Paul Okoye cancel US/Canada tour

Twin brothers Paul and Peter Okoye have been throwing shades seemingly at each other because no names have been mentioned ever since Paul welcomed his set of twins.

Just days ago, Paul Okoye shared a post on Instagram that threatened to expose an unidentified person if his silence is taken for granted.
His caption for the viral photo read:

‘Back to naija. Don’t take my silence for granted. Only a woman can come where there’s peace and destroy it #youknowyourself. Try me this time, I swear Nyash go open. You will know that blood is thicker and stronger than juju’.

On the other hand, Peter started promoting his solo Mr P brand all over again. He too shared cryptic messages on his social media pages.

Watch here:

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