Is It Even Possible That Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Could Be A Real Thing?

Unless you’ve been stuck in the Coachella desert sans cell reception, it’s likely that you’ve had your mouth drop at least once this week as you noticed newly single Kylie Jenner gallivant around the country with rapper, Travis Scott. Yes, Travis Scott, who once dated Rihanna long ago in the year 2015. What’s peculiar about this pairing is that they claim to have been “friends” for ages, but unfortunately Travis hasn’t been seen in a single one of her Snapchats, which means that can’t be recognized as fact. What I can recognize is the fact that Travis has been romantically linked to both Kendall and Kylie, which is the tamest Kardashian/Jenner relationship drama this side of the millennium.

Just last year, Kendall and Travis enjoyed a “date,” which was most likely platonic given Kendall’s love of “dates” and all the way back in 2015, Travis and Kylie were seen partying together when she was on a break from Tyga. Also, before Coachella this year, Travis was dialed up by Kylie for a night out just days after the news broke that she and Tyga were done and a few days before their possible relationship hit the press when Kylie was seen partying with Travis at Coachella. She was also seen, kissing him by various concertgoers and “sources” and filmed holding his hand.

But are these two really together and/or doing it?

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