Is Chris Brown Dissing Soulja Boy on ‘500 Wayz’?

Just hours after kicking off a feud with Soulja Boy, it looks like Chris Brown is putting their beef on wax.

Linking up with Young Lo and Young Blacc for the OHB (Only Hood Bosses) track “500 Wayz,” Breezy sounds like he’s ready for lyrical war with Mr. Tell ‘Em.

“See the chopper?” he asks. “Bullets too big, you can’t see the doctor’s surgery mask / Can’t identify the burglars / But we know you givin’ up the confidential information / Say you got the cheese, you a rat, that’s a perfect fit.”

Many are taking this line to be about the now viral #SouljaBoyChallenge, which originated from a VladTV interview about a home invasion robbery that Soulja claims he stopped in a shootout.

“I seen three or four ni**as runnin’ through the crib,” he detailed during the interview. “One ni**a run to the front door, I hop out and start shooting. Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow! Shot the ni**a. Pow! Shot his ass, pow, pow, pow, pow! All the ni**as run out the door.” He then claims he took the burglar’s mask off and realized it was someone he knew. “I knew who he was so bam,” he recalled. “I shot his ass. Pow!”

Fans were quick to point out this connection. “Why does Chris’ verse in “500 Wayz” fit this Soulja Boy situation so well?” tweeted one fan. “Petty lol.” Another added: “aye Soulja finna gather his first real L cos Breezy not playing with dude lol.”

Prior to the release of “500 Wayz,” Soulja claimed Brown wanted to fight him after he liked one of Karrueche’s pictures on Instagram. He then claimed he would knock Breezy out, before referencing the infamous Rihanna beating incident of 2009. “Chris brown think he hard cuz he hit a woman,” he tweeted.

Brown responded by denying the Karrueche talk and propositioning a fight for charity. “I want to bring black people together, but you gotta get your ass whooped, my ni**a,” he said. “Because at the end of the day, what’s the first joke you had? The Rihanna joke, my ni**a? I was 17. I’m 27 now. You can get a grown-man ass whoopin’.”

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