International Takeover: Rapper Young Koded Gearing For Major Music Comeback

After taking a break, US-based Kenyan rapper Young Koded is gearing up for a major comeback that will shake the local industry.

Born in Nairobi but later moved to the US, the songwriter and music producer is back to wreak havoc.

“I grew up in Starehe, Kariakor and later Loresho before I relocated to the US when I was 14,” he says. A decade later, he is back in the country and hoping to steer his way up the Kenyan ladder.

Yung Koded, who has worked with some of the top-notch hip hop and Gengetone artists, including Khaligraph Jones, Mejja, Yung Trio Mio, and Breeder LW, seems to have collaborated with almost every prominent industry player in the music scene. Additionally, there are upcoming projects in the pipeline.

Young Koded
Young Koded

“I have been privileged to work with some of the biggest names in the Kenyan scene. I have an upcoming track with Boutross called Niko Okay, which was an absolute joy because we had great chemistry,” says Yung Koded.

He adds, “My hardest collaboration to secure was with Khaligraph Jones because of his busy schedule. He was working on his album, Invisible Currency while my time in the country was limited. It took us close to a year to get done with the project, although it was worth the while.

“Luckily, most of my work revolves around friendships and close relations, which we are always creating,” says Yung Koded.

Yung Koded is known for his diverse musical style that seamlessly blends various genres, including Indie Rock, Afrobeat, Hip Hop, Afropop, and Punk.

In his music, he skillfully weaves together personal narratives, love stories, political commentary, and satire. However, in songs where he expresses darker emotions, such as “Suicide,” which includes the lyric “that’s what’s on my mind,” the message behind the track may raise questions.

On why he has been on a rather long break, Young Koded said:

“I was going through a rough patch when I made Suicide. As artists, we are always alone. I was a teenager going through heartache, betrayal, depression and lots of emotions. I did consider giving into suicidal thoughts, but I realised I could not cave into my dark spaces.”

Yung Koded says he has a few more days to finish his Kenyan projects before traveling back to the US, but promises to be back bigger as he continues to fly the Kenyan flag high.

“I am amazed by Kenyan talent and as they say, out of sight out of mind. I will definitely be making regular visits to Kenya.”

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