iLLBliss says he has never had a bad bad performance

iLLbliss spoke to Soundcity on the ‘My Music & I’ show where he revealed that he has never had a bad performance – talk the Oga Boss confidence!

He was asked about his good and bad performances since his career. He said:

“I’ve never had a bad bad performance. whenever the performance looks like it’s dragging I change it to mentorship and church. So I just switch it up and start asking…’ tell that guy next to you to put 5k in your account. Tell that guy next to you that God s doing it for him this year. Nigerians love blessings man!”

But then artiste got serious and thought more about the issue which took him back in time to such period earlier in his career. Illbliss stated that he has definitely had some those bad experience, especially as an MC.

He said; “When I was still a stubborn underground MC and I’ll go to mainstream shows and kick voices, they’ll appreciate the kick voice but they’ll be looking at me like an alien”

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