I just didn’t understand why people Were Targeting Me- rapper Du Boiz

The 24-year-old rapper, Du Boiz is riding a wave of success that has seen him collaborate with both US rapper Tyga and South African superstar AKA in recent months.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Du Boiz said that the faced a barrage of hate after a recent award win, with people calling him a whack rapper that didn’t deserve the spotlight.

“I was depressed for like a month or two. I just didn’t understand why people were targeting me. Artists are sensitive souls and this kind of stuff gets to us but we won’t show it,” he said.

“They don’t want us to shine. They take out their hatred for Mabala Noise out on us artists. How else would you explain promoters who won’t book me but instead book someone who doesn’t even have a music video or project out?

“It also comes from artists. I have seen the negative energy towards me when I walk into the room. They hate me because they want to be me ” he said.

Du Boiz said that he was tired of people saying he had got his success because of Mabala Noise’s money.

“Tyga doesn’t need the money. AKA doesn’t need the money. They worked with me because they believed in my music. Tyga chose my song to jump on because he said that it was different and AKA won’t work with you unless he’s a fan of your music. I’m just starting out as an artist and don’t claim to be anywhere near the level of AKA or Cassper but I feel like I need to be respected more”

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