‘I don’t like being tossed around; I make decisions for myself’ – Efe

Efe Ejeba the newest millionaire in town made some interesting revelations in an interview with VJ Adams on Soundcity 98.5 FM. He made it clear that he is not a person who enjoys others making decisions for him and he talked about trying to adjust to the new found fame which puts him in a position of his sponsors and manager making most of the decisions for him. He gave an instance of the event that took place at the Airport upon his arrival which denied most of his fans the opportunity to meet and celebrate with him. However, he is ready to learn and accept the turn of events even when it’s not favourable for him.
He also addressed the rumour making rounds about him unfollowing 2k people on his Instagram handle.

We cannot forget the endearing personality of the BBnaija winner who has been nicknamed ‘Mr. Real’ because of his continuous referral of his himself as always being real to himself at all times. The ever lively Efe has declared his major interest in Music above all interest and occupation. When asked of his stand on the TBoss and Kemen issue, he vehemently objected to making any comment to avoid misinterpretation of his view by people and media houses. He constantly referred to his team making him avoid answering some questions because he is told he is not diplomatic in answering questions.

Full Podcast Soon to Come!

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