Hilarious! Jidenna and Rotimi battle for the Sexiest Nigerian Man

It is awesome to find that Nigerian-American acts embrace the culture of our land. This can be seen in how the duo of Jidenna and Rotimi Music dress, sing, talk, make fun and carry themselves. It was a prestigious event when Jidenna paid a visit to Nigeria and since then continued to display all the traits of a typical Nigerian.


Olurotimi Akinosho (Rotimi Music) who is best known as ‘Andre’ of the Power tv series hardly goes a week without hilarious display of being a Nigerian on his instagram page. He calls himself ” Sexy Nigerian Butta Scotch.” He posts videos of himself and friends having fun talking in the conc Nigerian accent. One of his videos features another Nigerian-American singer too; Wale.


This funny battle was stirred by Rotimi Music when he shared a video to challenge Jidenna whom he heard is his rival. Jidenna who calls himself “Mr Plantain” replied with one of his usual funny videos too. He was seen seriously frying some slices of plantain to prove that he is the real sexy Nigerian man.







This was first published on ONMAX!

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