Here are the top new Kenyan songs to dance to this week

This week has been a great week for music with various Kenyan artists having released new jams to their fans listening pleasure.

We have sampled a few songs for you to get you a sound-worth week as you welcome the new month of  July.

Khaligraph Jones – Leave Me Alone

Kenyan award-winning rapper Khaligraph Jones released his anticipated new jam titled ‘Leave Me Alone’ on Wednesday (26.06.19) after a trip to the US and the birth of his daughter with his girlfriend Georgina Muteti. In the video that was shot in Dallas and Houston in the US, the self-proclaimed OG tells people to leave him alone if they don’t have any plans and they can’t keep up with him. The lyrics are simple yet hard-hitting and the beat will make you want to bust a move. ‘Leave Me Alone’ has garnered over 230,000 views in 2 days.

Mak Mansa – So Fly

Versatility can be said to be his other name since he is ready to experiment with beats unlike many rapper s whose, flows, wit and sounds become monotonous with each new day. His new sinle , “So Fly” is the bulls eye in a flirtatious point of view.

In an attempt to test waters and push boundaries, he raps about where he views himself within the industry while at the same time looking at where he is coming from and where he is headed. So fly is an ironic attempt to underscore all these factors, seeing that Mansa does not even indulge in some of the things he is talking about! And as he makes it clear in verse 3, all you need to be fly in this life is yourself.

Otile Brown – Lucy ft Arrowbwoy and Masauti

Top Kenyan Swahili crooners lead by serial hitmaker Otile Brown, ‘Digi digi’ singer Arrowbwoy and Masauti known for his jam ‘Kiboko’ have come together to release a new banger titled ‘Lucy’. In Lucy, the artists unleash their ‘nasty’ side as they sing about getting down dirty. The song has no official video yet although the audio is accompanied with a short video of the trio in studio singing and dancing along to the song’s killer beat. ‘Lucy’ comes only a week after Otile’s latest Lingala love ballad featuring Jovial dubbed ‘Amor’.

The Kansoul – Accelerator (Serereka) ft Vivian

Kenyan hitmaking trio The Kansoul have today (28.06.19) dropped a banger called ‘Accelerator’ (Serereka) featuring songbird Vivian. ‘Accelerator’ is a one-pot music pan which sees the artists sample classic hits like Raggamuffin’s ‘If I Was A Rich Girl’, Red Rat’s ‘Bizzi Blazzi’, ‘Who Am I’ (Sim Simma) by Beenie Man just to mention a few. The Madtraxx produced track views on YouTube are climbing fast. It might not be the best-written song in Kenyan history and is certainly lacking in concept as the video concept is from two years ago but the song checks off as a club banger that many revelers will be getting down to.


Nviiri the Storyteller – Pombe Sigara

Ironically as most would assume it isn’t about indulging alcohol and cigarettes but another drug far stronger to man. The drug is simply women. Nviiri sings “Pombe sigara naweza wacha bila kung’ang’ana lakini hawa wasichana, nawapenda kama laana” which translates to “I can quit alcohol and cigarettes but I love these girls more.”

Not to sound sexist or misogynistic, the song is about how some men get their judgment clouded by women and the song portrays these women as a harder drug to quit more than the actual drugs (Alcohol and Cigarettes).

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