Here Are 5 Of Nas’ Favorite Emcees Of The “New Generation”

Whenever you get in a room full of hip-hop heads, the conversation quickly shifts to who the greatest emcee of all-time is. With regionality – to the era one grew up in – as often the determining factors, it is of course an inexact science.

Having recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of his controversially-titled album, Hip-Hop is Dead, Nas recently sat down with Revolt TV and Andre Harrell to discuss the current state of the genre – and more specifically – the contemporary emcees he thinks are carrying the torch the best.

Pointing to the likes of J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross as all masters of their crafts, additional snippets from their discussion range from his thoughts on politics to racism and can be watched below.

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