Hamisa Mobetto On Making Music: ‘I Do Music As A Hobby Now’

Tanzanian entertainer Hamisa Mobetto has finally revealed why we longer get music from her.

Hamisa Mobetto

Speaking in an interview, the Rozay bottle girl rumored to be dating American rapper Rick Ross said that she now does music as a hobby.

Further explaining why she hasn’t bothered hitting the studio, Mobetto revealed that no promoter wants to adhere to her rate card.

“I don’t like the back and forth at all, that’s why I decided to pursue my musical career as a hobby. This way, I don’t have time to worry about being paid to perform because I know they can’t afford me, we will end up just arguing,” she argued.

Hamisa in studio

“So how do you request an artist to come and do a show, and then when they share their rate card, you claim they are too expensive and dismiss them saying that you can get other artists. Why don’t you go to those other artists at first?”

Mobetto’s last release was in 2021 after getting featured by Seneta Kilaka on “X Wangu.”

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