Flvme Drops Visuals For ‘How Long’

South African hip-hop artist, Flvme recently shared visuals for ‘How Long’ a single from his 2020 EP Dead Or Alive.

Flvme performs in the music video against a backdrop of dry, winter grass that has turned brown from being burned during the cold season.

Ecco, Flvme’s frequent collaborator and friend, appears alongside Melo, both members of The Lean Team, of which Flvme is a member. Clout Cassette, who, at this rate, pretty much shoots all of Flvme’s music videos, directed the visuals in which the three friends hijack a car.

The visuals for “How Long” follow those for “Dead or Alive Intro” which was shared about five months ago. Both songs are from Dead Or Alive, an EP Flvme released in 2020 and one that features the likes of Nasty CDie Mondez, Zoocci Coke Dope and February.

Dead or Alive was a follow-up to Flvme’s debut full-length album CandyMan. It’s not clear what the rapper, singer and producer has in store for the year except for music videos from DOA. Time will tell.

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