Emtee’s Face Tattoo: 2 Reasons Why The Rapper Took The Decision

Rapper Emtee’s face tattoo ruffled a few feathers and saw haters labelling his decision to tattoo his face as “a new level of stupidity.”

This followed a video uploaded by the rapper on social media this past weekend.

He gave fans a sneak peek at a video and a snap of himself getting a tattoo on his face.

A video posted by eMTee (@emteethehustla) on

While some congratulated Emtee’s face tattoo, some other fans slammed the move. Thus, there was a heated debate on his social media pages. Unfazed by all the negative reactions, Emtee chose not to exchange words with some of the trolls on social media. However, he made it clear in an interview that he can do with his body whatever he feels like. “To be honest, I expected people to hate it and for there to be backlash. But it’s my face, I can do what I like with it. It’s my money and I can spend it on whatever I want,” Emtee said.

Apparently, the rapper wanted a constant reminder of his faith and that was why he asked for the cross to be tattooed on his face. “I decided on the spot and when they asked me what I wanted I knew that it had to be a cross because of my faith. I carry my belief with me on a daily basis and so why not have it on my face?” Emtee added.

Besides, the rapper owned up to the fact that he drew his inspiration for a face tattoo from US rappers. He however, maintained that he’s not copying their trend but just inspired by them. “Of course I’m inspired by US rappers, especially those that rap similar to me. I am not trying to copy them but I am inspired by them,” Emtee said.

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