eLDee: Something is wrong where Amber Rose gets paid over Lupita, Alicia Keys, Serena Williams..

‘Something is wrong with a world where Amber Rose gets paid millions to promote anything positive ahead of Simone, Serena, Lupita, Alicia…’

Eldee is a trending topic on social media over the above comment on Amber Rose. His tweet began hours ago with his thought on Amber Rose’s Slut Walk campaign. Pregnant Blac Chyna joined her friend Amber Rose as the talk show host and Dancing With the Stars contestant led a crowd at her second annual SlutWalk yesterday, October 1.

Blac Chyna and Amber Rose at the Slut Walk

Blac Chyna and Amber Rose at the Slut Walk

Before we dive into eLDee’s concerns, “Last year people didn’t quite understand what a SlutWalk was,” Amber Rose explained a while back. “The number one misconception was people assuming that it was a walk to promote prostitution or promiscuity, which is really stupid. That’s the total opposite of what it was.”

Instead, the event helps to promote female empowerment and put an end to slut-shaming and victim-blaming. More than $20,000 had been raised as of Saturday morning on the Amber Rose Foundation’s crowdrise page.

So to eLDee’s concerns, he said:

He continued:

He went at TV supporting Slut Walks and sorts:

Then back to Wiz Khalifa’s Ex;

He then went on to say other businesses don’t get enough mentions in the media:

Still it is all love (sic) for Amber:

Of course, this was expected – the Kardashians get pulled in:

Reactions have been mixed with many making mention of ‘Bosi Gbangba’ by eLDee:

Well, Mr. Onye watch this:

What are your thoughts?

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