El Dee defends controversial social media post allegedly targeted at Dammy Krane

Dammy Krane: You steal because you are a thief – El Dee. That was the caption most music lovers saw when the veteran/Ex rapper made a post on his Instagram page, fans slammed him for talking about the recent issue concerning fellow artiste Dammy Krane who is been accused for theft and credit card fraud in the USA. But later on, he came on same posts and replied his fans on what it means and that it wasn’t directly targeted at Dammy, in fact he claimed not to have known what is going on.

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“I don’t know anything about Dammy’s situation to speak on it and even if I did, it is not my place to comment. I know him to be a great kid and he’s always shown me love. I owe him respect. However,…and while my post has nothing to do with him, is it a lie that being caught is not what makes you a thief? To ba ya nsiyin they’ll say “Nigeria is bad, Nigeria is this and that…” How can Nigeria be good when the line between right and wrong is so blurred? The average Nigerian digs deep to find justification for what any sane society considers inappropriate behavior, yet you expect things to magically work well. If this is what we are teaching our young ones, get ready for an even more hellish future. In the words of the legendary Majek Fashek, “…you can’t expect to sow rice and reap cassava”.” – El Dee

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