Drake talks Kanye West, retirement et al with Lebron James

Drake joins Lebron James for a discussion on character, confrontation, and knowing when to call it quits on the second episode of HBO’s The Shop.

On retirement, he said: “I’ve watched people overstay their welcome and I just don’t ever wanna be that guy,” he continues.

Drake also addressed the belief of die-hard hip-hop fans that there’s no such thing as crossing the line in a rap battle. Earlier this year, the Grammy award-winning rapper refused to respond to a diss from Pusha T after being warned by his mentor James Prince that doing so could have dire consequences. This came after Pusha revealed that Drake had fathered a child unbeknowst to his fans.

“Rap purists and people who just love conformation they love to say, ‘Hey, man there’s no rules,’ but there are rules,” he says in the preview.

Listen to Twitter videos of the conversation below:

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