Diamond Platnumz holds his Birthday Cake n@ked | Video

Birthdays of celebrities are more fun these days, doing craziest things one has ever imagined. Diamond Platnumz birthday and a few friends had gathered to celebrate with him as he entered his 26th year.
Just like the birthdays of these days, people pour water to the birthday baby, do all sorts of fun, and lo behold Diamond had to remove his clothes that they may not be smeared with water and remained in his boxer holding his cake and they sang happy birthday to him.
“Since they all wanted to pour me water…so I decided to remain with Boxer so that they can be more comfortable… and leave my Outfit safely …i hate nowadays birthday celebrations” posted Diamond

Diamond Platnumz was making it 26 years. He was born October 2, 1989. He is the most famous musician from East Africa. His wife Zari Hassan about a week ago also celebrated her birthday as she was making it 36 years of age.

Here is the Video of n@ked Diamond.

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