Davido’s ‘1milli’ video director confirms inspiration by Adeyemi Michael

Director K who is behind Davido’s “1 Milli” video which stars Chioma Rowland has stated, in an Instagram story, that he was in fact “inspired” by Micheal’s work and “always wanted to recreate his iconic shot,” making direct reference to the shot of Michael’s mother on horseback.

“Paying respect and homage to @AdeyemiMichael for the inspiration on this frame in the ‘1 Milli’ video,” wrote Dir. K in an Instagram story.

Davido released the festive music video for his single “1 Milli,” which depicted a wedding celebration between he and his fiancé Chioma. The release following the artist being accused of having copied the work of Nigerian-British filmmaker Adeyemi Michael that the director has confirmed.

This isn’t the first time that a high-profile artist has been accused of plagiarizing the work of another African artist without properly crediting them. Back in 2018, British-Liberian visual artist Lina Iris Viktor sued Kendrick Lamar after she claimed that her work was used without her permission in his music video for “All the Stars.” A similar occurrence happened last year, when South African artist Petite Noire pointed out similarities between his short film “The Gift and the Curse” and Beyoncé’s “Spirit” music video.

Watch below and compare:

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