D-Black: ‘If I am to get a ghostwrite, it would be M.anifest or Obrafour’

Ghanaian rapper D-Black is speaking up on ghost writing in music and he revealed in a recent radio interview that he writes all his lyrics because his songs relate to incidents he has experienced personally.

According to him, it will be difficult for him to ask a fellow musician to write his lyrics because they can’t relate to his lifestyle and experiences.

“It’s something I cannot do… it’s not a part of me. I feel like as an artiste you should tell your story from inside you, so another person writing for you would take away that vibe, so I will tell the story myself in whichever way I can,” he disclosed in an interview on Ghanaian radio.

However, the rapper who is known as Desmond Blackmore in his private says if he was to hire a Ghostwriter he would select either M.anifest or Obrafour because of their storytelling abilities.

“…If anybody is to write for me, it has to be someone who is telling a story I have not experienced. So, it depends on the song I’m trying to create, M.anifest is a great story writer, Obrafour… if anything, those two.”

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