Chance the Rapper and Kanye West Have Completed 2 Songs for ‘Good Ass Job’

What’s the deal with Chance the Rapper and Kanye West’s joint project? The much-discussed Good Ass Job is already underway, but it’s “definitely far from done,” according to Lil Chano himself.

During an interview with Power 106’s “The Cruz Show” this week, Chance provided some backstory on the highly-anticipated album.

“Good Ass Job is something that’s been a dream for me,” he said. “I’m a Chicago kid so I’m a super ‘Ye fan and I used to watch all the YouTube videos of him speaking. I remember watching a video a long time ago where he was explaining how you have your College Dropout and then you go back and you have your Late Registration and then you finally get your Graduation and then after you graduate, you have to go get a Good Ass Job. That was a thing in my head forever.”

Of course, Kanye never completed that album sequence. Instead, he went on to release other projects, leaving Good Ass Job by the wayside. Chance wants to bring that back for their collaborative LP and they’ve already started the process.

“We definitely have at least two songs I can say I know would definitely be on Good Ass Job,” Chance explained. “But to be back in the bunker and be at the spot and have that time to sit and make stuff every day is my dream.”

Sorry, fans. That may not happen anytime soon. Chano is on his “Magnificent Coloring World Tour,” which runs through Nov. 21 in Paris with additional dates to be added in Australia. Meanwhile, Kanye is on his “Saint Pablo Tour” through Nov. 1 in L.A. Plus, Yeezy’s working on another joint project with Drake, something Chance is also excited about.

“I know he is working on something with Drake, which I haven’t heard any of the songs from yet,” Chance said. “But I’m sure it’s all I’m gonna be listening to.”

Chano’s praise didn’t end there. During the Q&A, Chance also named his favorite albums of all time with Kanye West’s College Dropout topping the list, followed by Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool and Common’s Be.

Although he’s a huge Kanye fan, Chance also had a request for Yeezy’s “Saint Pablo Tour.” “You’ve gotta turn the volume down a little bit in that bitch,” he said. “Bro, please turn that bitch down…Because he’s not on one side of the arena, the acoustics make it so he has to put the subs around the base of the floor. It makes it a crazier experience, but Goddamn, literally, my stomach felt like I had internal bleeding because of how much it was shaking and how loud it was…I’m gonna text you so you don’t see this and get mad later.”

Watch Chance’s full interview with Power 106, in which he discusses Beyoncé’s birthday bash, fatherhood, and independence.

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