Celebrities pay tribute to the late Kaberere

Sunday, April 5th, 2020, marked 6 years since Kenya lost gospel artist, Peter Kahura Kaberere.

Kaberere died due to electrocution while he was cleaning his car.

However, 6 years later, his memories lives on in his family, friends and Kenyans at large, who keep on celebrating the impact he left behind.

Kaberere left a young family and at the time of his death, his wife Njeri well known as Njesh Wa Qabbz was expectant.

Njeri gave birth at the time they were laying Kaberere to rest.

Taking to her page, Njesh celebrated her late husband’s well known force and fire, saying;

We keep celebrating you Qabbz. We keep remembering you every single day. You live on in our hearts and there’s no single moment that you aren’t missed. Your impact still strongly felt 6 years on. Such a force, such a fire!!

One that has lived through us and kept us going. We shall see you again. Keep resting. Dearly missed and loved by us. We shall see you again Qabbz.

Below are some of other celebrities who remembered and celebrated Kaberere, 6 years on.

Wahu Kagwi: Time surely does fly. Qabbz….you truly did leave your mark on this earth. 6 years on you are warmly remembered and celebrated.
@njeshqabbz you are highly favoured of God. May He continue to give you wisdom and joy as you raise your Angels.

David T Muguro: He prayed and lived the same script without fear, full of life and absolute authority on all his efforts and interactions, an example to many of us who knew and love him.

Mercy Masika: Kaberere lived a life of love.. His was truly a life well lived @njeshqabbz I still remember when I hadn’t produced music for years he kept telling me. Mercy rudi studio and when he rested, I woke up to his call. I know heaven is a beautiful place but we miss him.

Tina Kaggia: Six years kesho (sunday). Of all the brilliant minds I have met, you were at at the top. Kind, caring, an amazing husband to my friend !njeshwakabbz and a father that many only wish they could be. Your music will live forever. Eternally missed and loved. Keep dancing with Jesus

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