Cardi B reportedly doesn’t regret attacking Nicki Minaj with a shoe

Cardi B reportedly has no regret about the shoe-throwing face-off with rival, Nicki Minaj during a New York Fashion Week party last Saturday.

According to sources who spoke TMZ, Cardi feels zero remorse about the fracas as she was simply ‘defending her daughter’s honour’ after hearing that Nicki had been ‘talking trash’ about her family.

Cardi B wouldn’t change a damn thing about her decision to attack Nicki Minaj, in fact, she’d even chuck her shoe again in that same situation,’ a source told the site.

‘Cardi was simply defending her daughter’s honor after hearing Nicki had been talking trash about her family… and she’d still sling her stiletto if she had to do it all over again.’

Nicki denied speaking ill about Cardi’s baby on Queen Radio, but Cardi says that’s just a baldfaced lie.

‘Cardi thinks Nicki has some nerve saying she needs an intervention, when Nicki is the one who incites people almost for sport.’ the insider added.

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