Cardi B Beefs With Comedian Nicole Arbour on Twitter Over Offset Accusation

Cardi B is beefing with comedian Nicole Arbour for an accusation the latter made about Cardi's husband, Offset.

Cardi B is beefing with comedian Nicole Arbour for an accusation the latter made about Cardi’s husband, Offset.

Tonight (Nov. 27), Cardi B responded to Nicole Arbour’s tweets in which she accuses Offset of recording new music about “shooting people and shooting places up” weeks after Takeoff‘s death.

She was referencing a new Offset snippet that Cardi had posted to her Instagram Stories where ’Set is dressed up as the Joker, rapping along to the song’s lyrics, “Catch a body broad day/Shoot ’em in the hallway.”

While it’s uncertain when the video itself was recorded, Offset dressed as the Joker for Halloween this year, so it’s assumed it was either on or before Oct. 31 of this year. Takeoff passed away on Nov. 1.

“Man… few weeks after his cousin was murdered over a dice game…” Arbour wrote in her first tweet. “Offset’s making new music about shooting people and shooting places up. Not a single thing was learned.”

Cardi fired back at Arbour in a series of since-deleted tweets. The rapper’s first tweet revealed that Offset hasn’t recorded any new music since Takeoff died.

“He hasn’t even been to a studio since Take died so wtf are you talking about?” she wrote in a quote of Arbour’s initial tweet.

“My bad y’all…” she began. “@iamcardib just posted this and I was sure it was Offset rapping about murder with a fake gun. Honestly, my bad if that’s not what this video is.”

Without a response from Cardi, Arbour doubled down on the sentiment of her initial statement.

“Oh I said what I said,” she wrote. “Even if that video was made before it happened, you STILL don’t see what’s happening? When u promote senseless violence in a community, you GET senseless violence in a community It’s sad af that all these young guys are dying, something has to CHANGE.”

In another since-deleted tweet, Cardi fired back at Arbour’s follow-up tweet.

“Your community don’t sing about mass shooting and fuckin their cousins yet y’all still do it …Mind your pink neck,” Cardi tweeted.

“Your brother in law was just murdered and you’re posting videos about killing people… still!?!? Like still!?!?” Arbour replied in a quote of Cardi‘s tweet. “How aren’t you getting it yet? This ain’t a joke, this is real talk. You are a damn leader and you can make change in the NAME of Takeoff.”

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