Brandi Jackson Defends Her Uncle Michael Against Sex Abuse Allegations

Brandi Jackson, 37, has been fiercely insisting that her uncle Michael Jackson is innocent in the wake of the Leaving Neverland documentary, in which Wade Robson , 36, and James Safechuck, 40, alleged that the pop icon sexually abused them as children. Brandi claimed that she dated one of the alleged victims, Wade, and accused him of lying about his allegations on Australia’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show on March 11 . News of their alleged relationship was news to some of the documentary viewers, According to Brandi, she and Wade met in “approximately” 1991 when they were both nine years old, and did the L.A. Gear photo shoot and MJ’s Black or White music video together. She then said it was her uncle who helped set up their relationship, and claimed Michael invited Wade and his family to his Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara about three years later.

Brandi claimed that her ex never brought up the sexual abuse allegations while they dated, When asked if she heard “any of these accusations” from Wade as teenagers, she told radio host Kyle Sandilands, “not at all,” and even claimed that she was always at Wade’s house. “You get this impression from the documentary that Wade was always with my uncle for these long spurts of time. But I can tell you that from the time that I met Wade that wasn’t the case.

Brandi is not mentioned in the Leaving Neverland documentary,Despite Wade’s alleged ties to Michael’s niece, he does not bring up Brandi once in the Leaving Neverland documentary, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 25. “Wade and I were together for over 7 years, but I bet that isn’t in his ‘documentary’ because it would ruin his timeline,” Brandi tweeted on Feb. 11.

Brandi accused Wade of breaking up Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, “I found out Wade cheated on me with multiple woman who he hoped would advance his career. You might know one of them, because it was a huge pop music scandal. Wade is not a victim, he’s an #Opportunist,” Brandi tweeted on Feb. 11, and went in-depth about this alleged “pop music scandal” on the aforementioned podcast with John (Wade was Britney’s choreographer). “I know that he was pursuing [Britney]…In my understanding, Justin brought Wade onto the project to do production, not just choreography, but production now.

Brandi is the daughter of Michael Jackson’s brother, Jackie Jackson. Jackie, now 67 years old, was a part of the Jackson 5 and is the eldest of the Jackson siblings.

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