Black Coffee defends Tel Aviv show: not a political party. I work as an entertainer to feed my Family.

South African DJ Black Coffee has spoken up after the backlash of performing in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The world-renowned musician shared a video from his performance in the country telling followers that he “loved” Tel Aviv and that it was a sold out gig but fans went on to lambast the DJ for putting a meal over the oppressive law in Israel and killings of Palestinians.

However, DJ Black Coffee stood firm in his “unpopular” decision and told naysayers where to get off.

There’s a call to boycott Israel by the BDS South Africa (a registered South African NPO and PBO). They have imposed an academic and cultural boycott and called for all artists, academics, philosophers and cultural practitioners to refuse to participate in any activities, conferences, concerts, exhibitions or any other related field in the country which is being boycotted.

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