Blac Chyna reacts to her mum’s “Statutory Rape Baby” denunciation.

Reality TV star Blac Chyna is completely stricken by her mother’s decision to lambaste her in a heated rant a few days ago. Her mother Tokyo Toni called her estranged daughter a “mistake” and a “statutory rape baby” in a lengthy social media rant many observers deemed an all-time low in their documented feud.

Toni’s most recent tirade seems to have been sparked by Blac Chyna’s refusal to let her see her grandkids King Cairo and Dream Kardashian. Blac Chyna’s mother is also responding rather sourly to the her daughter’s decision to alter her name from Angela Renee, as bestowed upon birth.

Will Blac Chyna clap back? Chances are Tokyo has worsened her chances of seeing her grandchildren in the immediate future, but what do you think?

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