Beyoncé x Cardi B Collaboration may have Already be Done!

Cardi B. has a breakthrough hit with “Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)” and the rapper said she’s ready to follow the single’s success with an album next month. She Was Speechless, Couldn’t Breathe When She Met Beyonce but has a collaboration happend yet between both of ermm?

How do you follow up a No. 1 hit like “Bodak Yellow”? With a Beyoncé feature! Rumor has it that Cardi B has enlisted Queen Bey for the highly-anticipated follow-up to her Hot 100 smash, which is reportedly titled “Wet.” Cardi B’s engineer Michael Ashby teased the potential link-up.

During an interview with the Associated Press, Bardi added: “I’m surprised Beyoncé liked me. Ah! I met Beyoncé!”

Back in September, Cardi B posted a photo of herself being blessed by the one and only Beyoncé. Since then, fans have been dreaming about both working together on a song.

Made In America Moments… —————————————————–This was one of my favorite MIA moments. I actually caught a posed photo similar to the one that was posted. I just found this one to be way more interesting. This pic is an example of taking full advantage of an opportunity & platform you’ve been given. No excuses. Just grinding and determination. Ambition, focus and hard work. Knowing where Cardi has come from, to then reach a plateau of destroying the Made in America Festival stage is pretty Epic. Most people aren’t fortunate enough to meet The entertainers, actors, athletes or anyone they admire, look up to, idolize or respect. The smile on Cardi’s face is a genuine and says it all. It’s actually the smile I see when anyone meets the queen. And then when you come to meet that person and they happen to be the coolest and sweetest ever, it amplifies your admiration for them 100 times over. Say what you want but Cardi B represents the struggle. The Grind. How to turn your negative into a positive. Her personality proves she’s a star. Anyway, one of my fav moments this past wknd.

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Would the Beyoncé collaboration be part of Cardi’s forthcoming debut album?

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