Beyoncé Dedicates Video, Playlist to Jay Z on 9th Wedding Anniversary

In honor of their ninth wedding anniversary, Beyoncé celebrates her love for Jay Z with an updated video for her 2015 dedication “Die With You.”

Sitting behind a piano, Queen Bey launches into her emotional ballad. “I don’t have a reason to cry,” she sings. “I have every reason to smile / I don’t have a reason to lie / When you’re already reading my mind / I don’t have a reason to be, if I can’t be with you.”

As she performs these loving words, visuals show the husband and wife throughout their years of wedded bliss. There are some candid scenes of the Carters on vacation, relaxing, smiling, and enjoying life as music’s most powerful couple.
The romance is on display as their most intimate moments are shown, including clips from their wedding, from Blue Ivy’s birth, and more. But this version of the video also features new scenes, including clips that were recorded in recent months. In one adorable scene, Blue kisses her mother’s pregnant belly, in anticipation of her twin siblings.

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