Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Love Lit Up The Internet This Week and Made Everything Okay For a Minute

So often we see celebrity couples get dragged for being happy. Not here.

While watching Beyoncé’s visual masterpiece Lemonade last year, I remember having a sinking feeling, like there was going to be this big announcement of a divorce shortly thereafter. It was a suspicion driven by Elevatorgate the year before, but also because Jay and Bey are like the couple of all couples and I’m conditioned to believe that all good things must end. Like, I waited for Jim and Pam to call it quits on The Office (didn’t happen, thankfully), I was completely shocked Ross and Rachel got back together on Friends, and I never really expected Topanga and Cory to last from Boy Meets World into Girl Meets World mainly because I figured he would end up with Shawn.


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