Beyonce accused of using ‘extreme witchcraft’

A former drummer for Beyonce claims the superstar singer’s real power comes from witchcraft.

According to Newsweek, Kimberly Thompson, who was Beyonce’s drummer for seven years, has taken out a restraining order against the Lemonade singer claiming she used “extreme witchcraft” to control her life, tap her finances and her phones.

A judge denied the request for a restraining order, however.

It’s not the first time Beyonce has been at the centre of a bizarre conspiracy theory.

According to Rolling Stone, husband Jay Z has been plagued by rumours of a link to the Illuminati, a fictional secret society comprised of the intellectual and social elite, since the 1990s. Beyonce is implicated by association.

The proof? Rolling Stone says believers point to a triangle hand symbol the couple have been seen making, and the video for Bey’s 2008 single Single Ladies, which allegedly contains hidden messages when played backwards.

So the “evidence” is not exactly definitive, but the rumours persist and Beyonce even references them in the song Formation.

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