Bella shmurda Gives His Listeners Hyper-Tension

Bella Shmurda, also known as Fine Boy Bella has been one artiste to keep an eye on since 2019 at the least.

The hip-hop rapper and songwriter really blew up in the spotlight in 2019 after the remix of his song Vision 2020 hit the airwaves. He featured popular dancer Poco Lee and industry favorite, Olamide which led to the public instantly falling in love with his style. 

Since that time, he has dropped a slew of hit songs including Cash App and has appeared on several collaborations with artistes like Dangbana Republik and Masterkraft. And has appeared in collaborative efforts like on Olamide’s Carpe Diem album. 

Still riding the wave of his Next rated win at the headies awards, Bella Shmurda has released his latest Project High Tension 2.0 as a sequel to this previous ep which he dropped in 2020, High Tension. This project is a sort of bend in the road when it comes to Bella’s regular style. He is not afraid to call out some topics and at the same time, he is approaching the music from a different angle. Regular fans will feel like they have met a new artiste with the way that he weaves new ideas and lyrics over both sloe paced and fast bests to entertain and encourage his audience.

Here is a quick look at the tracks on the ep:

Out There

This opener is very different from the upbeat, party bangers associated with Bella Shmurda. On this track, Bella Shmurda gently sings, “I know It’s crazy out there”

He understands the hardships and pressures he faced before the fame and this song is like a word of encouragement to those still in the grinding phase. He also understands that there are those who are still going through those struggles he has overcome and this song is a toast to them. He however warns them against vices that might make them lose their way while at the same time, he still encourages the listeners to share what they have with those who don’t have as much as they do. 


 This was released earlier as a single but it is an exciting addition to the ep. On this track, Bella Shmurda takes a philosophical stance on his unique perspectives about society and its ever-changing values. He sings about the increasing decay of morals of the world at large while reaffirming his own sense of identity with the lyrics “If I ever run from the world, I can never run from myself.” Bella shows that he has come into his own and knows himself enough not to let the trends of today’s society sway him.

Soldier Go

This is a pretty love song from Bella Shmurda to his love interest produced by Fancy Beatz. This track is a more upbeat one than the first two. He sings, “Soldier go, soldier come, If I go, I go come back.’ Meaning that no matter where or how far he goes, he will surely come back to the one he loves. Bella is looking for stability in the song and appreciates the constancy of the love he has waiting for him back where he’s coming from.

Far Away

In a different spin on the regular love trope, Bella Shmurda is not asking a girl to come over to his place so he can take care of her, instead, he’s asking her to take him away from where he is to a place where she can care for him. He’s asking his love interest to make him happy and make him feel those deeper emotions. The energy of the track is soft but the song itself is upbeat and is sure to have listeners dancing their hearts out, even Bella Shmurda mentions this is one of his favorite songs on the ep.


Lako has more of a street vibe according to Bella Shmurda. In this raunchy song, Bella Shmurda goes off on a different path. He sings about wanting to do some sexual activities with his love interest.

When asked about the song Bella Shmurda said he’s trying to be as blunt as possible while expressing himself and the song carries the same energy. Listeners will barely notice the raunchy nature of the song though as they will be entranced by the catchy hook and fast-paced beats.


This is another song with a different facet of the artiste showing. Taking a more didactic stance,  Bella Shmurda uses this song to encourage young people like himself to be patient for their success. The world is fast-paced but Bella Shmurda doesn’t want to do things the fast way, he wants to do things the right way. This upbeat song has a very catchy hook that will snatch the attention of every listener as they bob their heads to the beat. Bella shared that it took him more than two weeks to record this track because he wanted to get the message exactly right, now that’s what we call patience.

Party Next Door

This High energy track sees Bella Shmurda singing about partying all night. He creates a vibe that listeners will be able to catch and relate with. The upbeat track is perfect for dancing and relaxing, a clear sign that Bella Shmurda knows his audience. 


This is one song where Bella Shmurda does not hold back. He congratulates himself on overcoming the adversities that stood in his way and lifts a toast to his successes.Bella Shmurda has no faux humility on this track, he acknowledges the hard work he put in to be successful in his highly competitive career path and this song is not only to celebrate that but to show to those who look up to him that hard work pays off.

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