Battle for prime: Harmonize & Diamond at war for top position

Harmonize is making money moves now that he is an independent artiste.

bAs the CEO of recording label Konde Music Worldwide, he took to social media to show the success resulting from the bold move he made last year.

It came as a shock to many when he decided to pack his bags and leave WCB. I mean manz was Diamond’s twin. They went everywhere and did everything together.

His decision created beef between the two for obvious reasons, but he also lost a friend in other WCB members. Talk about loyalty.

It took Harmonize a lot of money to go independent and even more, to start his own record label. Read all about the drama below:

The sun really seems like it is shinning on him. He took to social media to announce another blessing. Not in any many words because the pictures he posted, spoke more than 1000 words.

A series of pictures showing his new white mansion got his fans excited and his wife, Sarah grateful and proud of Harmonize.

More to the house, his parking lot had a lot of posh cars parked outside.

Clearly, he learned the game from Diamond. Just recently, Diamond showed us his parking lot and his mansion where he lives together with his family. The student is slowly becoming the master.

Harmonize also had a big sign in. Ibraah is the first artiste to be signed under Konde Gang as the new face of East African music and a songwriter.

Harmonize new signee; Ibrah

Harmonize posted saying he has been through so much but the prayers of his fans and family are what have kept him going up to this far. His aim to make sure he will hold a few people’s hands and help live their dream to become artistes and more to that to help grow a generation of talented artistes.

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