Bankè, drops heartwarming new single

Queen of Strong and Soothing Vocals, Bankè, drops heartwarming new single, Count My Blessings.

Fans of the alternative singer are definitely going to be counting their blessings as Bankè releases her new Highlife infused Afropop single. The song is preceded by her 4th single, A Song for You, making this her 5th single since her debut in May 2018.

Count My Blessings is produced by Duktor Sett and serenaded by K-note of the Cavemen, providing the bass, and David Rhino on the lead guitar. This collaboration highlights Bankè’s talented touch in a track that sounds like a perfect cocktail. One of the studio hands exclaimed after hearing the finished track and said, “this sounds like something I am going to be playing on repeat on rides back home from work and Sunday rides from church.”

The song is about recognizing life as a gift. Regardless of what is happening, or how we are feeling, Bankè is telling us to count our blessings. When asked how she feels about the song, she said with a big smile on her face,

I’m very excited about this one. These are crazy times for a lot of us and I’m glad to be able to give someone out there a reminder to count his/her blessings.”

Bankè is one artist with a very obvious upward momentum. She has been steadily making strong moves right from her time in the University. People have described her as having an angelic voice, and others have said that something about her promises great things. This isn’t hard to miss. True to her nature, Bankè is going to be giving a lot of people a reason to be grateful with her new track, Count My Blessings.


  1. OJDre10 Reply

    You always have peoples passion in you my dear. Keep doing what you love best. Brilliant one here.👌🏼👍🏼🙏🏽

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