Back street vocalist, Nick Carter accused of raping ‘Dream’ Singer Melissa Schuman in 2002

This happened in the year 2002. Melissa Schuman claims Backstreet Boys vocalist Nick Carter raped her when both of them were just 18 & 22 respectively.

It all started when both managers suggested they date to promote themselves in the public eyes but Melissa mentions she already had a boyfriend.

She claims Nick Carter invited her & a friend to his Santa Monica apartment for what she calls “casual hangout” & after some drinks he started making out with her. In every graphic blog post, Melissa claims he eventually took her into a bathroom, forced oral sex on her and also forced her to reciprocate.

Melissa also mention she repeatedly told him she didn’t want to have sex and was saving her virginity for her husband.She claims Nick Carter took her to a bedroom and forced her to have intercourse.

Melissa says she told her manager about the alleged rape, but was told Carter’s legal team was too powerful, and publicly accusing him would hurt her career.

We’ve reached out to Carter’s reps … but no word back yet reports TMZ

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