Azealia Banks trolls Iggy Azalea after announcing exit from Island Record

Following the announcement by Iggy Azalea over her exit from Island Records on November 3rd, her on-again, off-again rival Azealia Banks weighed in with a series of insults. “Can we all give Azealia Banks a round of applause for completely ruining whatever plan Iggy Azalea had to succeed while having stole my name?” tweeted Banks. “Her white ass really thought she would be able to take what was for me and run with it.”

She continued, saying Iggy would be “knocked up by some aint shit black dude in Atlanta in 3,2,1” and that “love and hiphop is next.” “Her life is only going to get worse and worse,” said Banks.

Iggy clapped back in a series of since-deleted tweets. “I’m so sick of her ass sitting at HOME for years thinking of me every 5 seconds and running her fingers across the keyboard. Shut the fuck up crusty! Where was all this energy on Wildin out?!” she said, referencing Banks’ emotional breakdown on Nick Cannon’s MTV show.

“You sell 40k a week but make soap in your bathtub? I think NOT,” added the “Kream” rapper. “Ms. Beauty butt. Even your teeth tired of all that shit you talk that’s why they look like they still tryna escape your mouth…”

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