Arianda Grande is so in Love, Changes song title to ‘Pete Davidson’

Arianda Grande and Pete Davidson’s relationship might be moving at warp speed, but somehow Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are making us believe in true love again—especially after what the singer said about his name. On July 30th, Grande explained why she changed the title of her interlude song “Pete” to “Pete Davidson” on the track listing for her new album, Sweetener, and her reasoning is enough to melt the coldest of hearts.

Fans have been buzzing about this part of her album since the tracklist first came out, and although Grande has yet to fill us in on exactly what to expect from the song, she has shared a little insight into what it means to her. When a fan asked her why the name of the song only recently changed, she had a very sweet explanation.

According to Grande herself, she loves the way her fiancé’s full name sounds, and she wants her love—and her music—to last forever.

“I like the way it looks,” she wrote. “I love his name and I love him music lasts forever [sic]. It’ll outlive any tattoo, any memory, any anything, even myself so I want my love for him and how I feel to be a part of that.”

We’re not crying, you’re crying.

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