Allegedly, Burna Boy Has Been Slammed With Court Injunction In NYC

As received few minutes in our mail box, Burna Boy Has Been Slammed With Court Injunction In New York City Supreme Court.



A U,S Supreme Federal Court in New York, USA has slammed an injunction against the superstar musical artist Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu popularly known as “Burna Boy”. The injunction prevents him from performing at any event venue or any form of recording any where in USA & CANADA for the time being unless settle with the New York based promotion company Vibesland Entertainment, LLC founded by Promoter/Producer Niyi Fatogun.


Damini Ogulu, better known by his stage name Burna Boy, is a Nigerian reggae-dancehall singer and songwriter. Burna Boy is an independent artist signed under the Burna Boy Ltd and released his OAS LP under Spaceship Entertainment label that presently holds the copyright to all his music. He was sued in the Federal Court by Vibesland Entertainment, LLC on allegations that he signed a contract for 2016 USA & CANADA TOUR, failed to turn up, postposned the tour which put the promoter Vibesland Entertainment, LLC in serious debt in USA.
Vibesland Entertainment, LLC was said to have invested up to $25,000 US Dollars in preparation and facilitating burna boy postponed USA & CANADA. The issue started after the promoter Vibesland Entertainment, LLC obtained USA Work Permit approval visa for Burna Boy, then Burna Boy failed to honor the contractual agreement.
In addition, Burna boy’s management invited the promoter to London from New York in order to try to facilitate the tour and discuss in person, the promoter traveled to London at the promoter’s expense to meet up with Burna Boy’s management all to no avail. Burna Boy tour was postponed by his management, regardless of all the efforts made by the promoter. Due to (failure to show up as planned and fulfilling his contractual agreement), and postponed tour, promoter’s reputation was badly damaged to the extent of being publicly embarrassed/humiliated on social media by other fellow promoters.
Our source learnt that the promoter tried all efforts to communicate via email, text, and phone calls Burna Boy’s Management for 5 months consecutively, Burna Boy’s Management deliberately ignored the promoter, refused to answer or return his calls and emails. All efforts in trying to get this issue resolved amicably were to no avail.
Burna Boy’s Managment claims were the Promoter didn’t pay the deposit as stated in the contract between VIBESLAND ENTERTAINMENT, LLC & BURNA BOY LTD. Promoter who’s the official tour agent for the 2016 Burna Boy USA & CANADA Tour travelled to London, England with a cheque of $75,000.00 to meet Burna Boy’s Managment for deposit of 10 cities. The promoter said when he got to London, United Kingdom, Burna Boy’s Managment brought up discussion of a third party company (AEG) which wasn’t part of the initial contract signed on June 29th, 2016. VIBESLAND ENTERTAINMENT, LLC believed it was very risky to pay $75,000 dollars deposit to Burna Boy’s Managment that’s already declared they signed a contract with a third party for the same USA tour. At that point the promoter refused to release the payment (cheque) until everything is straightforward to avoid losing $75,000. As at the time of this press release. Promoter stated, “Why would I give a cheque deposit for 10 cities worth $75,000 to BURNA BOY LTD when I was told that a third party company (AEG) already took five (5) major cities out of 10 cities agreed in the contract.
Promoter Niyi Fatogun hired professional entertainment lawyer Takena Barango to represent VIBESLAND ENTERTAINMENT, LLC on Wednesday MAY 17th, 2017 at the Supreme Court in New York, The Judge ordered a court Injunction on BURNA BOY OUTSIDE US TOUR, until BURNA BOY LTD settle promoter for the financial loss VIBESLAND ENTERTAINMENT, LLC suffered due to breach of contract by BURNA BOY.
Witnesses comments that Burna Boy’s Management failed to properly handle this matter, they disregard the contractual agreement with the promoter Vibesland Entertainment, LLC and showed no respect in responding to all his requests. How could you ignore someone’s phone calls and email for 5 months consecutively one witness said. This is America where entertainment law is very effective, a contract is a biding agreement, you can’t sign a contract and deliberately breach the contract. That sort of anomalies occurs frequently in Africa but not over here in United States….another witness explained. EXCLUSIVELY FROM QUEVIEW MEDIA…..

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