Akuchi Hits The Dancehall for Whyne

Akuchi, versatile song writer, singer, And producer is a rising star in the music industry. He was first discovered by industry giant Olamide back in 2017. Since being given a platform, Akuchi has shown that he is more than up to the task of thrilling every ear that hears his sound.

The singer unexpectedly shot to stardom after his track El Chapo was discovered by Olamide. The industry veteran featured him on his track Underground while Akuchi featured Olamide on hisnown single, Ringi Ringi. This immediately put him in the limelight and he was on a fast track to the top.

Akuchi however took a three year break from the music scene, using that time to carefully improve his expertise and hone his craft. He took the time off to properly learn sound engineering and show promotion. He made his comeback properly back in may with the release of his single, Solo and now he has followed it with Whyne.

Akuchi has mentioned that he is not especially tied to one genre of music, he is satisfied with exploring all of the possible genres and is definitely not afraid to experiment with his sound. Listeners will feel this vibe on his new single Whyne where he makes use of heavy reggae overtones and delectable afrobeats undertones to craft an unforgettable energetic track for his audience to enjoy.

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