9ice wants a woman that would kneel and serve him food

Nigerian singer, 9ice after advising Nigerian young men on marriage, went further to also state that real marriages can’t be truly found amongst our present generation as they are not as submissive as they should be. He also talked about the news, or rather rumour that stated he is married. The artiste says he is not married, has never remarried, and he is presently single, he is not ready to mingle.

The singer went further to say that people do not understand the marriage in this generation, hence his statement that marriage is not for this generation.

According to 9ice, the lack of submissiveness in the present generation will not make it possible for them to stay married. With this statement, it is okay to conclude that 9ice sees marriage in a very traditional way and he believes that there is a miscommunication between genders as guys want the traditional definition of marriage while ladies have created a 21st century definition, so to him, there has to a new definition that accommodates the needs of the couple. They should create a definition that they can agree upon and work with rather than coming together under different concept and then spend less than a year together. The marriage should be one based on love rather than traditional or family expectations.

To the singer whose yard stick for marriage is his parents, he’s looking for a woman that will kneel to serve him his meal, and he knows that the women in this generation will not do that due to “civilization” and all they have been exposed to.

So the bottom line for 9ice is; where marriage is concerned, this generation is lost and it is either they retrace their steps or find a new step to agree on and cohesively walk together.

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