50 Cent thinks Nicki Minaj’s “Barbie Dreams” is Sexy

Nicki Minaj’s song – Barbie Dreams was inspired by The Notorious B.I.G.’s Ready to Die classic “Just Playing (Dreams)” and 50’s own “How to Rob.” During an interview with “Extra” (via HipHop-N-More), the G-Unit mogul opened up about the much-talked-about track, on which Nicki names her male peers including Drake, Meek Mill, DJ Khaled, and 50 himself.

“I tried to f**k 50 for a powerful hour, but all that ni**a wanna do is talk ‘Power’ for hours,” raps Nicki.

“I like the record,” said 50. “I did a song called ‘How to Rob’ that she said was the inspiration for it. It brings everyone in the culture that is relevant at the time ’cause they’re on her mind when she’s writing the music.”

He also called the track “sexy,” adding, “It was running things.”

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