50 Cent clowns Drake as Pusha T alludes to Drake paying for info on him

50 Cent has been having a fun followng the whole Drake vs Pusha T especially after “The Story of Adidon” release. 50 cent known to be a troll was calling for the strap in several comical posts on his Instagram page.

Fif suggested in an instagram post that if it was he was in Pusha’s situation, he would’ve gone as far as locating Drake’s alleged son with the pornstar and taken a picture with him at Chuckie Cheese. “This is kinda my style, but I’m just enjoying the show like everybody else on this one,” he captioned the post.

Fiddy then followed it up with a still shot of Drizzy’s Jerry Curled character from the Migos’ retro “Walk It Talk It” video. He also delivered some commentary in that post, taking on the 6 God’s voice to clap at his GOOD Music adversary for speaking on his situation.

“Drake voice: l see all you ka ka ka Kekeke a** n****s Trying to tell me about a b***h, don’t play wit my Pimpin. Now l will tell you about a b***h, when l feel like it. And that b***h I’ll deal with her, when l feel like it. Pusha ain’t got one #1 song. I’m the champagne Papi around here b***h!” the caption read.

In related news, Pusha-T seemingly alluded to Drake dropping serious money to get information about him. Push took to Twitter to write, “You got a 100k floating around for info? Can’t no amount of money create skeletons that don’t exist… #ImUpset.”

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