50 Cent and Papoose, Remy Ma’s husband trolling each other

50 cent and Papoose’s fracas started when 50 gave Papoose’s wife, Remy Ma, a compliment on her IG pic yesterday, saying “Damn Remy you lost mad weight, hey slim.” Apparently, Pap didn’t appreciate Fif jumping in his wife’s comments, and clapped back earlier on Monday, asking 50’s baby mama if she needed a “mature” man in her life.

“Damn, @DaphneJoy no wedding yet? If @50Cent doesn’t marry you… I’ll introduce you to my homeboy. He’s more mature,” Pap replied in the comments.

Of course, 50 Cent caught wind of the comment, and wasn’t going to let Papoose have the last word. In his hilarious trolling ways, Fif decided to respond to the recent clap back by sharing a couple more pictures and memes on IG. The first pic was of Remy in lingerie, with the words “blocked” across it. Fif left the caption: “Remy blocked till she can get control of her husband and shit. All I said was she lost weight and pap start tripping. I’m not fighting nobody over their wife now.”

And if that wasn’t enough, 50 decided to double down on the clap back and share a couple hilarious memes of Pap & Remy at last week’s wedding vow ceremony with some added thoughts to their minds. “Damn I wish you was 50,” the saying said on Remy’s side of the picture, while Pap’s said “I know, I wish I was 50 too.”

Papoose wasn’t done either and is sending some more shots back at 50 (see below).

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