2baba snaps: una fit resume una nonsense rants as He Replies Blackface and Eedris Abdulkareem

The legendary singer 2baba has finally reacted to interviews granted by Eedris Abdulkareem and Blackface. Taking to Twitter, the Hypertek singer said: ‘dear blackface and idris. as na una sabi music pass make una do the music and stop talking nonsense all the time. I’m 2 busy so this is the only advice and response u’re gonna get from me. una fit resume una nonsense rants’.

Eedris had gone on an interview and accused the music legend of neglecting his friend when he needed him the most. According to him, 2face needs to forget whatever blackface did to him and render help to him.

“You must be stupid, you are my friend but i no send you. “because your name na 2face that means your life is two, one here and there.

“I don already know u tey tey that how fake u are.you are two person. But that your friend will have problem and you will not forget about what he has done to you and see it from the aspect that God is trying use u and see wassup with you. Show your brother love he needs you because na blackface bring you, na him form the Plantashun Boyz. Na blackface na him write most of the songs.” While Blackface had gone on a podcast to discuss the days of Plantashun Boiz and 2baba – watch here. His exact words: “Why I am tough on 2face is because he can do better, and he isn’t trying to do better,” Blackface said. “I don’t think he has people around him that are trying to make him do better. From management to everything. If Efe Omoregbe his manager is here, I will tell him to his face. He is not trying at all. He needs to get writers from the boy…We just heard his last record (‘Ascension’ album) and it is broken.”

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