10 Artistes You NEED to Add To Your Playlist

Ten Artists You NEED To Add To Your Playlist

Music is great. These days thanks to the magic of technology, we’re constantly consuming music. Due to human beings’ natural need to develop habits as well as the sheer volume of music available for listeners to choose from, it is possible that you keep listening to the same artists over and over. Or worse, you miss out on the work of some great artists just because they haven’t gone mainstream yet. Well, never fear, today we’re bringing you ten artists, you need to add to your playlist right away, don’t worry, you’ll thank us later.

  1. Ogranya

This 29- year old singer and songwriter hails from Rivers state in Nigeria. Ogranya’s signature music style is an afro-soul fusion with a sprinkle of any other genre he feels can charge his listener with emotions. He has the softest vocals full of deep, raw emotions that takes listeners on a journey. Add his song to your library right now

  1. Tomi Agape

This 27 year old has been on the music scene for a hot minute and has been described by Bella Naija as ”Black Girl Magic personified”. Her excellent vocals take whatever song she’s on to the next level. Give her a listen here;

  1. Manny Cloud

If you love Nigerian alté music, you’ll love Manny Cloud. The artist brings a refreshing zest to the genre with his music. He combines adlibs, catchy choruses and heavy themes to paint the most beautiful mental pictures to his listeners about youth, mistakes, love and more.

  1. Sirbastien

Sirbastien is a French-Nigerian musician and producer whose music is mostly of the  African alternative music genre. Sirbastien loves to have fun with his beats and his music projects are carefully and thematically curated for your maximum enjoyment. If you enjoy chill vibes, exciting beats and adorable vocals, Sirbastien is who you need to listen to.

  1. Ilaye

Ilaye has the most beautiful vocals on whatever track she hops on. The young artist’s sound is evolving rapidly and even more so on her latest project ”Sixth Sense” where her music explores finding oneself and growing.

  1. Olayinka Ehi

Who can do a sensual emotional song like Olayinka Ehi? Her vocals connect the listener so closely to her lyrics, it’s almost a virtual experience. She is not afraid to approach heavier themes of heartbreak, insecurity or sexuality. She is definitely one to add to your list.

  1. Zamir

Singer and songwriter from lagos, Zamir is not afraid to unleash his alternative vibes on all his music. He is one of the four members of the Music collective L.O.S (loud on sound), a group that does interesting things with their blend of hip hop and alte genres of music. Zamir makes fun, energetic music you should definitely try out.

  1. Dwin The Stoic

Poet, editor and singer/songwriter, Dwin the Stoic is a whole bouquet of talents. In his sonorous baritone, he makes music about love, loneliness, content and so many themes surrounding his youth, delights and experiences. Check out this beautiful track below;

  1. Joey Decorum

Joey Decorum is a rapper, videographer, singer and songwriter from Lagos Nigeria. He makes alternative music that speaks to the hearts of young people, listen to his track here;

  1. Ibejii

Mysterious, multi-faceted and multitalented, you simply must listen to at least one of his songs. Ibejii is not only a singer and songwriter he is also a writer and filmmaker. The artiste is deeply entrenched in his Yoruba culture and seeks to expand the horizons of his perspective and that of his listeners using art intertwined with myth and metaphors.

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