M.I. Abaga paid Nas a whooping $50,000 for a verse he hasn’t got and suing him now for refund and $1m!

Oct 20, 2017 |

According to court document that have been made public, Chocolate City and rapper M.I. Abaga have filed a lawsuit against Legendary American rapper, Nasir ‘Nas’ Jones in the New York state Supreme Court. According to court papers, M.I. Abaga and Nas had agreed on a collaboration way back in 2013 for the song ‘Man’ meant for ‘The Chairman’ album, Nas did deliver a  verse but M.I. Abaga was ‘dissatisfied with the lyrical content and quality’ so Chocolate city asked for a re-do. This was after a $45,000 payment was made to Nas with an agent getting an extra $5,000.

Specifically, Nas was required to mention to following on the song: Chocolate city, M.I., Nigeria, Queens, New York, Mandela, Trayvon Martins, Africans and the struggle of African Americans.

Nas never delivered the new verse so Chocolate city is in court now hoping to get a full refund plus a million dollars in damages.

A case of Idols becoming rivals *in Rick Ross’ voice*?

Interestingly years ago, two allies of M.I. Abaga have rapped about M.I. Abaga saying he is not a fan of Nas. Listen to Lyrikal’s Port Harcourt (in 2014) and Kahli Abdu’s Little brother (in 2012).

See court documents below:


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