Zuchu Misses Mama Dangote Birthday Party, Calls To Send Wishes

Singer Zuchu couldn’t make it to the birthday party of Diamond Platnumz’s mother, Mama Dangote, because she was working in South Africa.

Diamond and Mama Dangote

Speaking during her glammed-up 54th party that saw only close friends and family invited, Mama Dangote said that Zuchu wished her a special day while in South Africa.

“She called me in the morning, She told me she was shooting a project in South Africa. She asked if I wanted any present. I told her to bring me anything of her choice,” said Mama Dangote.

“She told me I should get out and have fun.”

Diamond and Mama Dangote

Zuchu’s birthday message comes at a time when the two are said not to be seeing eye-to-eye.

Diamond’s mother said she’s not friends with Zuchu’s mum and even went ahead and blocked the singer and her mum, legendary singer, Khadija Kopa

Zuchu is also said to have unfollowed Diamond’s mum on social media.


Diamond’s mum got several presents from the attendees including Diamond, who gifted her Ksh 1 million in cash. She shares her birthday with Diamond’s baby mama Tanasha Donna who has clocked 27.

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