Willy Paul Brings Back Camp Mulla in ‘Songs of Solomon’ Album

Award-winning singer Willy Paul aliasPozze on Friday, December 4 released his first album, Songs of Solomon.

‘Songs of Solomon’ is his debut album and has nine songs namely; ‘Kidogo’, ‘Nikumbate’, Something’, ‘Tired’ (featuring Miss P, Shappaman and Taio), ‘Collabo’, ‘Nye’(featuring Mejja), Nomare (featuring Juliani), ‘Solomon’ and ‘Nimelewa’.

In his first jam ‘Kidogo’, Willy Paul introduces the album with RnB vocals. He asks his lover to learn to trust him because he has been faithful to her despite all the temptations that he has faced, from drugs to women.

Rhumba jam ‘Nikumbate’ on the other hand is full of amazing vibes. Willy Paul sings to a girl named Juliana asking her to hug him because he is feeling cold and wants to be comforted to sleep. Describing her as ‘Katoto, katamu, kafupi, karound’ Willy Paul shows off his artistry by stitching to his head voice.

In the third jam dubbed ‘Something’, Pozze asks his lover to come and give him something because he loves how she gives him love. Willy asks her what she wants, and also asks her not to play with his heart.

‘Tired’ featuring Miss P, Shappaman and Taio both formerly of the HipHop group Camp Mulla is about a lover who is acting crazy because she is in love. Pozze asks her why she is acting crazy and in the background, a feminine voice answers that it’s because she is just in love with him.

Willy Paul features rapper Juliani, who delivers his signature rap which is unique and creative as ever in the song ‘Nomare’. They call out fake people, including the people who judge Willy Paul when he goes to church to thank God to people who live lavish lives in Nairobi but their parents are languishing in the village.

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